Our Mission


Magnum Trenching Services Inc. specializes in the projects that others find difficult or are not equipped to do.

Let  our specialized methods for dealing with outlet difficulties and  tighter soils, along with our GPS and laser technology, make the most  out of your drainage project investment today.

Tiling Is a smart investment


In most  cases, the initial investment in a drainage system will be completely  returned in three to four years. From then on your investment will give  you a sizable return every year. You also get an immediate increase in  the equity value of your farmland and even tiling a few problem acres will raise the value of the entire field. 

A properly designed and installed tile drainage system will perform year after year with minimal maintenance. Tiling doesn’t cost, it pays in yields!



A quality drainage system takes more then plastic pipe and a grade control system. We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your needs, design preference, or budget constraint. 

We Truly Car


Magnum Trenching Services Inc. is owned and operated by 2nd & 3rd  generation drainage contractors with a family history of drainage that  dates back over 70 years. 

Leave it to us


A quality system needs a quality contractor that knows how to account  for factors such as type of dirt, grade, and discharge obstacles.  

When Tiling is necessary


  • When Spring work is delayed
  • When crops start slow
  • When crops do not yield well
  • When certain weeds grow
  • When your crop burns easily
  • When there are springs or seeps
  • When there is standing water
  • When there is alkali